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Install stock ROM on Google Pixel 2 from your Linux computer

Posted on 2022-02-06

I recently purchased a used Google Pixel 2 phone for playing purpose (playing with Android itself and custom roms, etc...). It came with Android 11 pre-installed. As a first step, I wanted to re-install it to the very first stock rom for this model, based on Android 8.


On your android device:

  • enable developper options
  • enable USB Debugging
  • enable OEM Unlocking

Stock rom name / ID:


  • From a Linux laptop (based on an Intel CPU), browse
  • A pop-up asking for ADB privileges will show up, just click on Allow ADB Access
  • plug the device on a USB port
  • Click on add a new device
  • Select Pixel 2 in the list
  • Type the image ID you want to apply (In my case: OPD1.170816.010)
  • choose some options (like lock the bootloader)
  • Click on Install build